Carragher reacts to title loss by bashing these two clubs and sends a message to Man City

Liverpool hero Jamie Carragher fired a shot at two of the club’s main rivals after the end to the Premier League season on Sunday as the Reds completed the league campaign somehow as runners-up.

The former Premier League star never managed to lift the league crown in a Liverpool shirt with the closest he ever came being in the 2008/09 season when Rafa Benitez’s men challenged Manchester United all the way till the final month of the season for the title.

Due to his role as a pundit on Sky Sports following his playing career, Carragher has been forced into being more objective with his opinion these days.

However, after watching his Reds fail to win the title by a whisker of a margin, the former Liverpool defender could not help but make his allegiance to Liverpool very clear as he launched an attack on bitter rivals Manchester United and Everton – whose fans have been trolling the Reds for not winning the title.