‘I just don’t get it’: Gary Neville makes feelings clear on something involving Liverpool and Spurs

Manchester United hero Gary Neville has questioned why UEFA left it so late for the Champions League final to be played.

After the changes of presidents within European football’s governing body over the last decade, there have been a few changes made to the rules and typical schedule of games as well.

In recent seasons, UEFA has decided to pushed the date for the final of the Champions League further forward, perhaps in an attempt to spike up revenue or handed players involved in the big game enough time to prepare for it.

Either way, former Manchester United defender Gary Neville believes UEFA’s late scheduling of the Champions League final is an idea which is not working at all.

For most neutrals who witnessed the clash between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur in Madrid, it was hardly a game to remember.

And due to the fact that the final larked the spark and entertainment that most people hoped for, Neville has questioned UEFA’s scgeduling decision.

“You think about how they’ve played football in these last three or four years,” Neville¬†told Sky Sports News.

“High energy, pressing up the pitch, getting to the ball. That was a game that it didn’t exist. That’s got to be physical and a little bit mental because of the size of the occasion.

“The idea of playing a final three or four weeks after the end of the season is just nonsense. Some of these players are playing after having no rest. Some of them have had three or four weeks rest and have been on holiday probably twice already…. I just don’t get it.”