How Liverpool should be handling business this summer

It’s going to be a strange market this summer. Some of the typical big spenders are out of the big-spending market; Barca, Madrid, Juve and maybe PSG and Bayern too. Spanish, Italian, German, and French mid-table clubs are also broke whereas some English mid-table clubs may have funds, but in limited amounts.

Chelsea and City will spend, but not get taken to the cleaners. United will spend £80m on Sancho, and maybe a bit more, to appease their fans after the Super League fiasco, and try to dial down the Glazer Out movement.

We need to raise funds where we can, and improve our bench quality, and to replace Gini. This is one area where Edwards and Klopp should shine.

They bet the farm on Virgil staying fit last season. A pretty secure bet. I would have bet maybe half my house on that probability. But then when Pickford did his typical brainless Pickford routine, they didn’t react the way that needed to happen. The wheels came off for a month, or three, before Klopp got his boys coached up to speed, and figured things out.

Then again, when you’re a club that has to support itself within it’s own gross revenue structure, there are always going to be one or two squad areas, where you pretty much have to play the probabilities. But, when you roll those dice, and snake eyes comes up mid season, you better be ready to make your move.