Klopp chooses the Liverpool player who ‘did exceptionally well’ against Norwich

Jurgen Klopp was definitely a happy man after watching his side open the season with a win, but it has to be said that not everything on Friday satisfied the Liverpool boss.

After conquering Euope last term, the Reds manager will be hoping to see his side win the league title this season and end the club’s long drought.

Friday night’s affair saw Divock Origi receive a start as Sadio Mane was rested. The Belgium international has enjoyed many plaudits in recent months after his late heroics from last season.

Origi found the net again yesterday as Liverpool thumped Norwich City 4-1. And even though Klopp lauded him for his display, the Reds boss admitted that the striker did not make the right decision on certain occasions.

“We made the decisions we made [in the transfer market] for the reasons we had. I think Div did exceptionally well tonight.” he said, as per the Liverpool official site

“He made two or three decisions that were not too good and lost the ball here and there, but until then he was really brilliant. He was a proper threat all the time. That’s all good. We are early in the season and some mistakes happen that will not happen during the season. But it’s all good. If somebody would have told me before the game we would win 4-1, I would have taken it easily. If somebody would have told me we’d play the first 60 minutes like we played tonight, I’d say, ‘OK, I take it.”