Neville sends this message to Tottenham to annoy Liverpool fans ahead of final

Manchester United man Gary Neville is sinking so much in jealosy of the Reds that he is going as far as he can to see Liverpool fail to lift what would be a sixth European crown next month.

It just seems as though much of English football fans are against Liverpool FC as usual, but that might be based on the fact that the Reds own an enviable record in terms of glory in Europe.

Manchester United fans in particular are living in absolute hell at the moment as their club sinks further into mediocrity while Jurgen Klopp’s side aims for major honours.

Spurs will surely have the backing of the Red Devils and their envious fans when Mauricio Pochettino’s men take on Liverpool in Madrid next Saturday.

Before the two sides meet in the much-anticipated showdown, Neville has made a controversial claim that it is Tottenham – a side who finished over 20 points behind the Reds in the Premier League – who deserve to win the Champions League.


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